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    Guangdong BGMarble Ceramics Co., Ltd. began on January 1, 2013, one hundred crown jewel as a high-end cutting-edge brand by the group launched a strong. Relying on the Group in the emerging water platform, Zhaoqing Jinli, Sanshui Baizai several major ceramic production base of production advantages. Combined with its own bold innovation, the perfect management of the advantages of down-to-earth adhere to the principle of quality first step by step to open up the market for the development of the brand laid a solid foundation, has won the "Top Ten Chinese Ceramics", "China Ceramics brand" "Recommended Brand of Chinese Green Tiles", "Recommended Brand of China Engineering Tile", "Top Ten Brand of Microcrystalline Stone", "Best Brand of the Year", "Outstanding Product of the Year", "Designer of the Year" and " Top 100 enterprises "and other awards.

    Bgmarble Ceramics Co., Ltd. has always been famous for its fashionable and fashionable products, complete inventory and varied varieties. It is the first choice for domestic and foreign merchants to choose high-quality materials as modern homes, hotels, shopping malls, government offices, schools and so on.

    Improving the operational efficiency and optimizing the user experience as the fundamental development of home building materials industry
    For home building materials enterprises, the key to their rapid development in the Internet age and the coming new technology era is how to cultivate their core competitiveness. Only with a good core competitiveness, home building materials enterprises can not be controlled by external technologies, and can develop well under any market background. By analyzing the development process of home building materials enterprises, we can easily find that the development process of home building materials enterprises is a process of self empowerment with the help of new technologies. Multi stage empowerment, the new strength of home building materials industry As mentioned before, the development of home building materials industry is based on improving operational efficiency and optimizing user experience. Only in this way, can we achieve product sales and create a closed loop of manufacturers, products and users in order to achieve the organic operation of the industry. With the help of new concepts and means, empowering the home building materials industry to achieve product sales is the key to the development of home building materials industry. Combing the development history of home building materials industry, we found that the main experience is the following stages. The first stage: the era of dealer. The first stage of the development of home building materials industry is mainly focused on the development of offline stores and the recruitment of distributors. Every entity store is a sales port, and every distributor is a sales unit. Therefore, in this era, who can recruit enough distributors, who can configure more entity stores online, will be able to guarantee the sales volume of home building materials. Through the corresponding management and training of distributors and stores, the home building materials industry can easily achieve the production and sales access, and sink the sales channels to every entity store. This is the key to achieve rapid development of home building materials manufacturers in that era. Therefore, in the era of dealer, who has recruited enough high quality dealers, who will be able to win in the market competition. To state as an example, it is by virtue of the excellent line of stores and dealers to expand recruitment ability, successful sales of tens of thousands of ports, which can directly access the user's offline stores, a huge sales guarantee of nippon. Dealers in the era, each store is a sales port, Home Furnishing building materials industry through these ports to get users to achieve transformation, not only can the sales agent through dealers, but also can realize seamless products to users, and ultimately Home Furnishing building materials enterprise sales growth, for the development of the industry constantly gaining momentum. The second stage: the era of e-commerce. With the increasing impact of Internet technology on people's life, people's consumption habits have changed dramatically. The sales mode of the home building materials industry under the offline shop has been challenged. In the Internet era, the home building materials industry needs new ways to empower itself to get new development. The development of the e-commerce era of home building materials industry can be traced back to the double eleven in 2012. In that year, Tmall's turnover amounted to 19 billion 100 million yuan a day, which is astronomical for dealers in the era of home building materials in the era of distributors. This Internet based sales mode has greatly stimulated the traditional stores as the main selling mode of home building materials manufacturers. They have begun to "touch the net", transferring the selling ports from the offline stores to the online business platform. After experiencing the rapid development of the electricity supplier era, especially with ALI and Jingdong as the representative of the electricity giants, the electricity supplier development is beginning to show signs of weakness. Home Furnishing and building materials manufacturers to the Internet will be more one-sided understanding of the pace of development of their difficulties in a very small range. On the one hand, home building materials enterprises equate the Internet to the electricity providers. They believe that only by opening enough stores on line, according to the development logic of distributors, can we achieve the continuous growth of sales volume. Although this development model has achieved some achievements in the early years, with the spread of online stores, the conversion rate of users is facing more and more problems. On the other hand, online users can't sink to the entity stores, and the users of the offline entity stores can't move to the line. The traditional dealers, in order to achieve their transformation in electricity providers continue to impact, simply do not want users will complete the online transaction, and for traffic and sales for the pursuit of the highest business platform, they are more willing to pay to achieve online stores. Home Furnishing building materials enterprises begin to encounter a dilemma in the era of electricity supplier sales model, but in essence, the fundamental reason for this predicament is that between operational efficiency and user experience on how to break the opposition to become the face of the era of electricity providers Home Furnishing building materials enterprises new development dilemma. The third stage: the age of the whole network. Almost all industries are facing the same problems as the home building materials enterprises are facing. At this moment, Ma Yun put forward the idea of new retail, and once again raised the sales mode of people for home building materials business to a new stage. At present, exploration and implementation of integrated operation on line and offline, and strengthening the integration and development of online and offline businesses are the main directions of industry development through online drainage and offline trading. Through the offline entity store for the online traffic to provide scene support, through the online e-commerce platform for the offline entity stores


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